Interactive Introduction to C++

Welcome to our interactive introduction on coding in C++! Have you ever thought about how the games, apps, and software we use is actually made? C++ is a coding language that allows us to: play video games, use our computers (operating systems like MacOS or Windows), use software (Adobe, Google Chrome, Word, etc.), store information in databases (think of how Youtube stores videos), fly on a plane (autopilots use C++), and much more!

In this introduction, you’ll learn the basics of C++ coding while working on several activities. At the end, you’ll be able to create a simple statistics program, a program that simulates rocket flight, and a program that helps an airline choose new flight destinations. Through these activities, not only will you learn about C++, but also about concepts in aerospace, space mechanics (motion of rockets), and airline operations (how an airline works).

Start by clicking on “0. Getting Started” and following all of the topics up until “9. Functions”. After progressing through the topics and the activities within, there are 3 final projects you can attempt.

Project 1 - Statistics Program

Project 2 - Rocket Simulation

Project 3 - Airline Management

If you have any questions on how to navigate the site, on the C++ content or on the activities/projects, please fill out the form here: